LoanPeople is driven by industry professionals with a vision for the future. The LoanPeople team is dedicated to serving employees, customers, builders and real estate partners.

Max Leaman, CEO and Owner, LoanPeople

Max Leaman | CEO

Max Leaman is CEO of LoanPeople. LoanPeople is a company built by a loan officer, for a loan officer. Since 2001, Max has helped more than 11,000 customers fund more than $3B in loan volume. In 2020, LoanPeople opened its doors for business with a staff of 25 people and funded $577M. In 2021, LoanPeople funded $835M employing more than 100 people throughout the United States. Max serves employees, clients, builders, and real estate partners.
Erin Dee, COO, LoanPeople

Erin Dee | Chief Operating Officer

Erin Dee ensures the high quality of LoanPeople’s origination and operations processes. She oversees technology systems and compliance with federal and state regulations. Erin manages LoanPeople’s relationships with investors and warehouse banks. For 19 years, Erin has worked in financial services in a wide range of capacities, which include: underwriting, compliance, secondary marketing, LOS admin., training and operations management. Erin participates in industry advocacy groups and currently serves on the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association Board of Directors. Erin earned her B.S. in Finance with University Honors from University of Central Florida, and her M.B.A. in Finance from Nova Southeastern University.
Jennifer Corvino, LoanPeople

Jennifer Corvino | EVP of National Operations

EVP of National Operations, Jennifer Corvino, is responsible for LoanPeople’s operations systems, which includes: processing, underwriting, closing, and funding. Jennifer ensures each loan is delivered to investors with excellence in quality and compliance. Jennifer works closely with department leaders to keep LoanPeople at the forefront of compliance and customer service.
Melani Ivester, LoanPeople

Melani Ivester | VP, People

With 25+ years of expertise in HR and Operations, Melani Ivester is a results-focused leader who delivers talent acquisition, retention and motivation solutions that harness the full power of LoanPeople’s most valuable asset – our people. Melani is devoted to creating robust corporate cultures that promote continuous business growth and cultivate customer loyalty by empowering and motivating employees to realize their full potential.
Kate Couture, Underwriting Credit Policy, LoanPeople

Kate Couture
Director, Credit Policy

Kate Couture is responsible for implementation of credit policy and maintaining investor relationships at LoanPeople. For more than 20 years, Kate has worked in the mortgage banking industry. She specializes in conventional and government loan underwriting. Kate has a passion for VA mortgages and enjoys the opportunity to serve Veterans, Servicemembers and their families. She holds residential mortgage underwriting certifications for: VA, FHA, and residential government underwriting. She is adept with LoanPeople’s wide array of specialty loan products and unique offerings.
Candice Morrow, Underwriting Manager, LoanPeople

Candice Morrow
Underwriting Manager

Candice Morrow is responsible for daily operations of the Underwriting Dept. She provides leadership, support, and guidance to underwriters at LoanPeople. She enjoys developing strategies and procedures to further company goals and employee experience. For two decades, Candice has worked in mortgage, with extensive experience underwriting VA, FHA, and conventional products.
Stephanie Featheringill, Secondary Marketing, LoanPeople

Stephanie Featheringill | Secondary Marketing Manager

Stephanie Featheringill manages secondary and post-closing operations for LoanPeople. She facilitates investor and warehouse bank relationships. Stephanie onboards new investors and ensures short turn times for loan purchases.
Dana Leaman, Chief Marketing Officer, LoanPeople

Dana Leaman | Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer, Dana Leaman, helped grow Leaman production from $22M in 2008 to $577M in 2020. Today, Dana oversees marketing operations for LoanPeople and works closely with branch managers and loan officers to grow their production. Dana creates opt-in marketing that is fun, local, and customized for the market and loan officer. She specializes in lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), business development, and database, website and lead management. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for Austin Habitat for Humanity.