Tania Murray

VP, EMI Funding | Sr. Loan Officer
(915) 540-5664
NMLS: 434562
Email: Tania.Murray@EmiFunding.com

Emi Funding

El Paso, TX

Branch NMLS: 1886352

About Tania Murray

Meet Tania Murray, the unstoppable force reshaping the mortgage scene in Texas and the Southwest. From a spontaneous response to a classified ad to spearheading EMI Funding, Tania’s journey is a testament to resilience and triumph in the dynamic mortgage landscape.

With over two decades of hands-on experience, Tania isn’t just a seasoned mortgage expert; she’s a trailblazer rewriting the rules of the game. As a top-performing loan officer for the past decade, her track record speaks volumes about her unwavering dedication.

Now at the helm of EMI Funding, Tania brings a unique blend of expertise and heart to the table. Beyond the numbers and paperwork, it’s a mission-driven endeavor. Tania is on a quest to empower families, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the homeownership journey successfully. Guided by unwavering faith, Tania is committed to constructing not just homes but legacies—generational wealth and robust foundations for families.

In Tania’s world, mortgages aren’t just financial transactions; they’re keys unlocking doors to dreams, prosperity, and a future filled with possibilities.